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Plant-based pallet wrap #EcoBuilders

“Revolutionary and high performance”

Not words you’d usually associate with pallet wrap, but there’s no hyperbole here.

It’s no secret that plastic pollution is having a devastating effect on the health of our oceans, we’ve all seen the documentaries. Add the increasing production of disposable plastics and the pressure it’s putting on waste management in general, and it smears a rather frightening picture of the future.

“Half of all plastics ever manufactured have been made in the last 15 years.”*

Fortunately, the alarm has been sounded (partly thanks to said documentaries, ‘all hail Sir David Attenborough’), and it’s triggered a global consciousness and sensitivity to how and when we use plastics, both as consumers and producers.

As a business, we are constantly (often obsessively) seeking out new ways to reduce our environmental impact, in EVERY stage of the SIP’s build process. Over recent weeks, the traditional plastic pallet wrap we use to secure and protect our SIP panel stacks has been in the cross-hairs.

Enter ’sugar cane biofilm’.

Our workshop team has been using the eco-friendly wrap on our latest project and been blown away by the quality and strength. The fact it is 100% recyclable and produced from 50 – 80% renewable resources fits in rather harmoniously with Ecologic’s ethos and principles.

“During the production process of sugar cane, CO2 is removed from the atmosphere, whereas standard oil-based polythene, the usual material used for traditional pallet wrap, releases CO2 into the atmosphere.” **

Sugar cane is one of the greenest materials on the market. This is just one way we will be reducing our carbon footprint as we delve deeper into our SIP’s journey and we’re excited to share more developments with you as we grow our operations and push towards more sustainable practices.

Never underestimate the impact of small changes! Join the Evolution.

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