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Embrace the balancing act

From how we socialise and shop to how we educate our children and manage our work, we’ve all had to adjust rapidly to big changes during 2020. We’ve been inspired by how everyone in our team has adapted to this ‘new normal’. But perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising. Here at Ecologic, we’re constantly challenged by new environments and we thrive on problem-solving.

By drawing on that experience and remodelling our work flow, we could remain dedicated to our customers and successfully manage on-going projects throughout lock-down. From extended video conference calls to job-specific WhatsApp groups, our team and client relationships have never been stronger and we feel resilient as a company.

The truth is, we’ve always promoted a healthy work-life balance and encouraged flexible home-working. Through clever design and stress-free construction, we believe the dream of working from home is more relevant and achievable than ever. So, if you’re thinking of creating more space at home, to work or to play, explore our range of sustainable SIPs garden kits, available in self-build (supply only) or supply and install options. Dream big and realise your potential.

Our network partners, Can Solutions have supported us throughout these challenging times. In collaboration with O2, they produced a great article which outlines the societal changes we are likely to see in the new flexible future. Read the full article here.

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