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The SIPs construction method offers many project benefits for architects, planners, developers and self-builders. Below are just some of the key advantages of using SIPs instead of more traditional building methods – we hope you’ll be amazed at the potential they offer.

Treehouse lodges timelapse below showcases the speed of building with SIPs, each structure was erected in under five days!

Project benefits

Time to install – a home constructed using SIPs can be erected up to 60% faster than a traditionally-constructed building. SIPs also make it easier to predict project completion times as the system is simple to erect, requiring less time on site and fewer specialist tradespeople.

Cost savings – a faster build program reduces the overall on-site costs due to reduced project management, cost of hiring scaffolding, plant, temporary accommodation, safety and security equipment, resulting in earlier cash recovery, improved cash flow and increased capacity. Other key cost savings include reduced foundation requirements, waste disposal and labour.

Strength – SIPs construction has superior strength. SIPs buildings can withstand extreme climate and weather conditions. A SIPs structure forms a monolithic shell which is up to seven times stronger than a conventional timber frame structure. SIPs buildings are extremely robust with a solid feel which can be indistinguishable in appearance from a traditionally-constructed building once complete.

Year-round construction – Unlike traditional methods of construction which rely on good weather for wet trades, bricklayers and on-site processes, SIPs are erected regardless of the weather, meaning there’s little or no disruption to follow-on trades. This reduces both the length and cost of the build process.

Internal fixings – In most cases, no additional timber ‘noggins’ are required to facilitate the hanging of radiators and kitchen units as is required with timber frame construction.

Increased space – SIPs roof structures do not require roof trusses and will provide an open, habitable warm room in the roof. This can allow a three-bedroom house to be transformed into a spacious five-bedroom house within the same size plot.

Flexible design – SIPs offer a wealth of options for architects and designers, such as open plan vaulted ceilings creating a light and airy space that maximises any building plot. SIPs can be combined with many materials such as brick, steel, glass, wood, so your design can be led by aesthetic and function rather than restricted by the construction method.

Controlled production – In a streamlined process at our workshop, connection timbers and panels are cut, pressed, stacked and individually numbered as wall and roof panels ready for assembly on site. This off-site process ensures that we retain a high level of quality control for every project. It also enables us to dramatically reduce wastage onsite and allows project planners to guarantee a reliable supply of materials so that progress stays on track.

Added value – SIP structures are more attractive to many future buyers or investors and often achieve a much higher sale price. In part, thanks to the inexpensive running costs of a SIPs structure and the vast amount of environmental benefits.

Reduced weights – A SIPs structure has a lightweight shell (approximately 25Kg/m2) and therefore does not need heavy foundation design. This also makes them easy to handle and quick to assemble on site. Haulage and delivery costs are minimised because weights are much lower per square metre compared to traditional building materials.

Zero VAT on new builds – self builders can often overlook the fact that they can reclaim VAT on a new build or conversion project under the HMRC’s DIY Housebuilder’s Scheme

As long as your project is eligible and you keep all the necessary receipts to submit with your claim, you could reclaim the 20% of the total project budget accounted for by VAT

Other key benefits include:

SIPs Benefits

“It has been an absolute pleasure to find and work with the team at Ecologic, not only has the system saved a huge amount of time it has also saved me money on the development. The plumbers and the electricians are able to face fix pipes and wire directly to the panels, which has accelerated the build, the panels are simply ready for battening and cladding, no need for cutting any insulation” Will Hardy, Wild Escapes

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