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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use SIP's for the Ground Floor?
    This is certainly common in smaller garden room type buildings in SIPs and technically possible in a full-scale house build also. SIP floors should always have a minimum of 50mm airflow gap below. The ground beneath SIP floor buildings should be graded with a permeable membrane and/or Type 1 MOT/gravel cover or alike. We also recommend treating the underside face of SIP floor panels with a bituminous primer prior to assembly.
  • Can Services be installed between the SIP walls?
    No. The SIP panel is a thermally-efficient airtight product that works best without services running through. We recommend the use of a counter batten to create a service void for electrical wiring and fixtures to be installed. If required on external walls, they can be surface mounted and then boarded over. Internal walls are timber stud and services follow a standard installation. Posi-Joists allow easy installation between floors.
  • How much faster can I build with SIP's?
    SIP homes go up much faster than traditionally framed buildings. The nature of the panel system enables a fast-track building process which helps to reduce construction time. A typical two-storey 200m2 house takes approximately 10 days to fabricate in the factory and 15 days to erect on site.
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