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SIPs four bedroom eco home - Southbourne

Southbourne, Dorset


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Completed in 2018, this ambitious project in Southbourne stands as a blueprint for the modern, eco-friendly family home, and gives a real sense of the direction we are taking as a company. 

Meticulously designed and expertly built, in-house, by our brilliant team. The three-storey family home, made entirely from SIP’s, boasts an EPC score of 105, which essentially means it produces more energy than it consumes. 

To achieve the enviable efficiency status, the build incorporates a host of innovative features, as well as ‘off the shelf’ solutions. To list a few…

  • Premium 220mm panel insulation. 

  • Triple glazing and solar reflective glass (preventing overheating on the westerly facing elevation).

  • Specialist reflective vapour control layers to promote airtightness, improve moisture control and reduce heat-loss.

  • Mechanical heat recovery system to exchange stale, warm air with fresh, cool air, giving the house clean warm air and balanced temperature throughout.

  • All appliances are AAA-rated or above.

  • DAFRA approved wood burning stove with a wet jacket, plumbed into the underfloor heating and hot water system.

  • 8kw Photovoltaic solar system. When surplus electricity is produced it heats the water in the cylinder (during the summer months) then charges the Tesla Power Wall, which stores the energy, ready for use when the sun goes down.

  • EV charging point for electric vehicles. Ultimately using the sun’s energy to power the vehicles.

With their initial investment in the technology, the owners have already seen their energy bills essentially eradicated, and they have noticed many more beneficial improvements in their family’s health and well-being. 

In fact, you may recognise Pete, our Founder, from the family photo. Not only was this a labour of love for Pete and Ecologic, but a genuine proof of his belief in the SIP’s build system. Because at Ecologic, we practice what we preach. And the message is one of sustainability and care for our planet – COAST magazine recently wrote an article on Pete’s philosophy, read more. 

So, if you are environmentally conscious and want to discuss your dream home with us, get in touch. The future is now and it’s more accessible and affordable than you may think. 

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